Battle System

A maximum of four playable Characters can participate in a given battle. Crevaniel must be in the active party at all times.

The Growlanser series has a unique battle system that blends turn-based and real-time strategy. Growlanser games use a free-range movement Strategy RPG battle system. Unlike grid-based SRPGs, a character can move virtually anywhere on the map, automatically avoiding obstacles along the way. In addition, movement speed is based on the amount of "MOV" points a particular character has. The player can choose up to four straight line paths so the character can move whenever you like.

Instead of each side taking its turn in waves, both sides act based on individual units' speed stats. Melee or ranged attackers must move towards the enemy to connect the blow within their range. Additionally, each attack has an attack speed; the lower the stat, the faster the character can act. Magic users must take the requisite time to chant their spells in exchange for being able to hit enemies from further away. Because these actions play out in real-time, a player can interrupt the characters' actions at any time to issue new commands.

Rather than simply needing to kill all the enemies, all major battles feature missions. Missions are a list of varying objectives that must be met to get the best outcome. Examples of mission objectives include protecting NPCs from being killed, destroying an enemy base, or simply escaping from overwhelming enemy forces. At the end of any mission you get a status based on how you completed the mission: Mission Complete is awarded if you complete the mission parameters successfully and do it in short time (meaning that the counter at the beginning of the mission that gives you some time does not turn negative). Mission Clear means you fulfilled any of the two earlier parameters successfully and Mission failed means none of the objectives were completed successfully. The mission status influences how much experience and money the party receives and also influences your party members' opinion of Crevaniel.

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