The Familiars in Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time are magical fairy-like beings that are created to support the person that suppied parts of their body like hair, blood, skin, etc.. The Familiar can only be seen and heard by magic users and they follow their Master, Crevanille can create one of four types of Familiars and she acts as Crevanille's voice and will protect Crevanille. Once you create a Familiar, you will not be able to change her, so the player must choose wisely.

Familiar Type There are four possible familiar Types: D-MD, D-PT, D-RM, D-YN.

Creating a Familiar At one point in the game Vallery will ask several questions, that will influence which Familiar Type you will get and her starting stats. To create the Familiar you need the Doll House and an egg that is obtained during the story.

Naming your Familiar After creation you can choose to name your familiar Yuni, Raimy, or Pitti.

Familiar stats The Familiar's stats influence her ability to learn and in order to increase the Familiar's stats Crevanille's energy is needed and that energy is obtained by participating in mission battles, using special stones that can be obtained during battle, or by participating in the Monster Massacre match at the Collosseum. You can see the Familiar stats in the Doll House or the Familiar section in the command menu outside battles.

These are the stats of the Familiar:

  • Physical Strength
  • Magic ability
  • Conversation ability
  • Enthusiasm
  • Mental ability
  • Charisma
  • Skillfulness
  • Friendliness

The maximum level for these stats is 9, depending on the level of some stats the Familiar can learn and strenghten her abilities.

The Doll House

The Doll House is the Familiar's home. Here are some options you have:

Training: Here you train your Familiar. Crevanille's energy is needed for training and when you run out of energy or special stones you wont be able to train the familiar.

Change Dress: Here you can choose which Dress you want the Familiar to wear. This is just for looks and doesn't affect the Familiar's performance.

Fate Events: Here you can see the list of characters whose fate has been changed, by selecting one of them you can see what could have happened to them if you had not changed their fate.

Familiar Abilities The Familiar can help Crevanille in and out of battle, you can't control her directly in battle, skill activation depends of the level and depending on the ability the maximum level varies . You can see her abilities in the Familiar command menu outside of battle. These are her abilities:

1)Enemy scan in battles (MAX LEVEL- 2): Look at the detail box whenever you highlight an enemy. You will see the enemy's level as well as whether it/he/she can drop items or if you can steal from them. (Battle)

2)Active battle points (MAX LEVEL- 5): You will get a certain amount of active battle points whenever you enter an encounter. The amount of "stars" you start with is determined by the level of this skill e.g. level 2 lets you start [the battle] with 2 stars. (Battle)

3)Physical defense during battles (MAX LEVEL- 5): Familiar will help block an enemy's physical attack. Rate of occurance = LV*2%, e.g. level 3 skill will give you a 6%(2*3) chance. (Battle)

4)Magic defense in battle (MAX LEVEL- 5): Familiar will help block enemy's spell. Rate of occurance = LV*2%, e.g. level 3 skill will give you a 6%(2*3) chance. (Battle)

5)Counter attack in battle (MAX LEVEL- 5): Familiar will counter back part of damage dealt to the enemy. Amount of damage depends on her strength, altough she is very weak. (Battle)

6)Chatter (MAX LEVEL- 5): Familiar will speak and ask questions when group is idle outside dungeons and battles. (Outside Battle)

7)Affection rating (MAX LEVEL- 1): View affection ratings for characters. (Command Menu outside Battle)

8)Event memo (MAX LEVEL- 1): Familiar will write a summary on main story events and progress. (Command Menu outside Battle)

9)Personality (MAX LEVEL- 1): Familiar will determine Crevanille's personality. (Command Menu outside Battle)

10)Treasure Search (MAX LEVEL- 1): Use this in a dungeon to have the Familiar search for treasures, she only tell you how many treasures are in the dungeon (you will need to find those yourself). If there are none, she will report it accordingly. (Command Menu outside Battle)

11)Investigate (MAX LEVEL- 1): Only usable in certain situations to have the Familiar explore around the map, however its useless later as she can be spotted easily by magic using enemies. (During Missions)

12)Vision (MAX LEVEL- 1): Use of vision is totally non-optional and you can't choose when you want to use it. This is what enables you to view all the blurry scenes during Crevanille's rest and beyond. (During Plot)

13)Negotiate (MAX LEVEL- 5): This will affect the price of items, the higher the level the cheaper the prices will be. (Outside Battle)

14)Fate (MAX LEVEL- 1): This will become available the moment you clear a fate event. This allows you to see which character's fate you have changed in the Doll House Menu. (Doll House)

15)Transgate (MAX LEVEL- 1): Necessary to create Transgates (you get it automatically as game progresses), which are the game main way of transportation. The Familiar will ask Crevanille wheter he wants to set a Transgate when reaching a new location. The main Transgate is in your land and the other Transgates are conected to the main Transgate. The main Transgate is the only one where you will be a able to choose other locations. (Outside Battle)

16)Spirit Interruption Technique (MAX LEVEL- 1): Learn it from Akyel's memory. You only get to use it once throughout the entire game. (During Plot)

Familiar function outside Battles

Apart from supporting Crevanille in battle the Familiar acts as his voice and will serve as a file identification of sorts as the familiar will talk when you load a save file, giving you an idea on which file you are.

Familiar Relationship Development Like the party the Familiars have their own sidequest and vacation events that enable their endings.

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