Spell Name Max Power Level Spell Effect
Cure 5 Restore small amount of HP
Healing 5 Heals more HP than Cure, but takes a much longer time to chant
Raise 1 Revive fallen Ally
Protect 3 Increase a unit's defense against physical attacks
Attack 3 Increase a unit's offensive ability via physical attacks
Resist 3 Increase party member’s magic defense
Fire Arrow 5 fire based spell
Ice Barrage 5 Ice based spell
Wind Edge 5 Wind based spell
Sand Shot 5 Earth (Land) based spell
Holy 5 Holy based spell
Blast 5 Physical based spell and the powerful spell in the game
Return 1 Escape from Dungeon
Fine 1 Remove status abnormalities
Sleep 5 Chance to put enemy to sleep
MP Drain 5 Drain MP from enemy
Silence 5 Chance to silence enemy
Cooperation 5 Allow cooperation magic
Cycle Down 5 Increase enemy wait time
Cycle Up 1 Decrease ally wait time
Death 5 Chance to kill enemy outright
Invisible 1 Prevent ally being targeted
Magic Shield 1 Chance of rendering a spell cast at ally voided
Fear 5 Decrease enemy magic resistance
Bind 5 Prevent character movement
Rust 5 Lower enemy attack power
Weaken 5 Lower enemy defense

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