Technique Name Max Power Level Technique Effect(s)
Judgement 5 (self) Increase ability to decipher obtained rings
Critical 5 (self) Increased chance to deal a critical hit
Accuracy 5 Increased chance dealing a successful physical attack
Night Vision 5 Use in dungeons so you can see further in the dark
Analyze 5 Used on an enemy to view stats, strengths, and weaknesses
Poison attack 5 Add Poison to a melee attack
Venom attack 5 Add Venom to melee attack
Faint Attack 5 Add Faint to melee attack
Petrify Attack 5 Add petrification to melee attack
Shorten Item Usage 5 Reduces wait time between item usage
Decoy 5 Increases chance that enemy will attack that character
Silent Steps 5 Decrease enemy encounter rate
Magic Resistance 5 Increase all magic resistances
Time Bomb 5 Deal damage to all nearby units, including allies
Move Up 5 Increase character’s movement
Mirage 5 Chance to create a Mirage and avoid damage from an attack
HP Up 5 Temporarily Increases maximum HP
MP Up 5 Temporarily Increases maximum MP
Plunder 5 Deal damage and chance to steal an item from enemy
Piercing attack 5 Attack all enemies in straight line
Chant Delay 5 If successful, this decrease the magic level the enemy is chanting.
Concentration 5 Increase chance to prevent extra damage while chanting
Prolonged Concentration 5 Same as Concentration but lasts longer
Indirect Range 5 Increase range of physical attacks
Magic Range 5 Increase range or area of effect for spell
Shorten Chant Time 5 Shorten the time it takes to chant a spell
All-around Attack 5 Deal damage to all enemies in the area at 75% normal damage
Sould Break 5 Steal HP and MP from the target
Sharp Eye 5 Increased chance to avoid attacks
Continuous Magic 5 chanting not disrupted
Sudden Death Attack 5 Very low chance of sudden death unless the character using this is a much higher level than the target, e.g.: a level 40 character using it on a level 10 enemy, but then again you just need a normal attack to kill the weak enemy. This is useful only if you need to use a melee technique but ran out of the other techniques.
Dash 5 Double movement for a short period of time
Prevention of Bad Status Effects 5 Include: Level 1 poison + venom, level 2: halt movement (caused by bind), level 3: silence + sleep, level 4: faint, level 5: petrify + sudden death. Forget about this and learn Immunity
Immunity 5 Temporary immunity to status effects
Reduce 5 Reduce MP used to chant a spell
Berserk 5 Character goes berserk and is uncontrollable
Death Curse 5 If successful target will die after certain amount of time
HP Absorb 5 Absorb a number of HP after attacking an enemy
Strengthen Magic 5 Make spells 50% stronger but cost twice the MP
Counter 5 Increased chance of counter-attacking
Magic Level Up 5 Temporarily increase magic levels
Regenerator 5 Regenerate a number of HP per turn
Inferno 5 Strongest melee technique in the game

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