Yellow Gem - Level 6

Gem Name Gem Effect Learned Spell/Ability
Replicate Ring Defeat 20 enemies with ring equipped to create a replica ring Judgement
Replicate Gem Defeat 4 enemies with the gem equipped to create a replica gem Judgment
Paralysis Attack Use the Paralysis attack skill Paralysis attack - Venom Attack
Continuous Attack Attack once more Accuracy UP
Agility Growth Bonus DEX increase with every level up +2 Mov UP
Intelligence Growth Bonus INT increase with each level up +2 MP UP
Strength Growth Bonus STR increase every level up +2 HP UP
Blood Stained Blade 20% of weapon damage to enemy recover back to self HP Venom attack
Indirect Range Up Range of indirect attacks doubled Indirect range UP
Magic Range Up Give highest magic range(only applicable to area magic) Magic range UP
Magic Strength Up +2 Increase to all attack and healing based magic Shorten chant time
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