Carmaine Fallsmyer

Our Hero - Player
Your Avatar
Age 17(I)/18(II)
Height 172 cm
Likes Friends and family
Dislikes People close to him getting hurt
Ring Weapon Sword
Voice Actor Suzumura Kenichi(JP)

Forrest Spade(EN)

The hero of Growlanser

He is the protagonist of Growlanser 1 and a party member in Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice. The game begins with him having a dream in wich he is waked up by his siter Ruise and the fairy shaped homunculus Tippi, then he goes to see his mother Sandra.

Then tippi ask for his name, and you are prompted to choose a name for him, the default is Player (Carmaine Fallsmyer is his canon name, however it was introduced until Growlanser 2) and he is a silent protagonist meaning that through dialogue choices and actions the player will shape Player's Personality as they see fit.

Player traits

At the beggining of the game there is a character creation of sorts, depending on actions and answers the main character growth, abilities and weapon of choice will vary, thus allowing the player to make his MC proficient at magic, at physical damage, both or if the player doesnt take the character creation they can make Player the worst character in the game.

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