Your alter ego
Age 17 to 19
Height 175 cm
Likes You decide
Dislikes You decide
Ring Weapon Sword
Available Armor See Armor section

Crevanille is the game's protagonist and leader of the party.

He is the main character of the game. At the begining of the game the player is prompted to choose his name, but the default is "Crevanille". He is a silent protagonist meaning that through dialogue choices and actions the player will shape Crevanille's Personality as they see fit. His Ring Weapon of choice is a sword. He is versatile as he can manage as a physical attacker, or a magic attacker, or even a balance of both.

When he was young, he was taken in and raised by the mercenary Dixon. This strong upbringing has made Crevanille a very capable mercenary despite his young age.

At some point in the game Vallery will ask several questions. Those questions will influence which Familiars Crevanille will get and her starting stats. To create the Familiars you will need the Doll House and an egg which are obtained during the story.

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