Growlanser: Heritage of War

Growlanser Heritage of War
North American release box art
Developer Career Soft
Publisher Atlus
Director(s) Taiji Hida
Designer(s) Fuma Yato, Keuichi Yamatsuta
Artist Satoshi Urushihara
Composer(s) Kenichi Tsuchiya, Eisuke Seki
Series Growlanser
Platforms PS2
Release Dates North American: Sept 18, 2007
Japan: August 3, 2011
Genre Tactical Role Playing Game
Mode Single Player

Growlanser: Heritage of War is also known as Growlanser V: Generations in Japan.

[edit] Plot Synopsis

On an island shrouded in darkness and bounded on every shore by an impassable veil, war rages between the desperate inhabitants. A mysterious famine has ravaged the land, leaving its denizens to fight over what little fertile land remains. There is no safe haven; land that war has left untouched is still threatened by the Screapers, fierce and powerful monsters steadily encroaching on the human cities. Hope is fading - who will rise to save this dying land?

Player Characters
Meet the characters from Growlanser: Heritage of War.
Non-Player Characters
Meet the characters from Growlanser: Heritage of War.

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