Growlanser (Import)

Japanese PSP release box art
Developer Career Soft
Publisher Atlus
Director(s) Shinjiro Takada
Designer(s) Fuma Yato, Yoh Haduki
Artist Satoshi Urushihara
Composer(s) Noriyuki Iwadare
Series Growlanser
Platforms PSX, PSP
Release Dates Japan: November 25, 1999 (PSX)
May 14, 2009 (PSP)
Genre Tactical Role Playing Game
Mode Single Player

[edit] Plot Synopsis

Many years ago, the world was full of magical energy called "Growshu". By tapping into the Growshu in the atmosphere, people could cast magic spells. Unfortunately, their sun began to die and the people were facing certain death. To save their world, the humans and Featherians, a winged humanoid race, worked toegether to magically transport their world into another world. After this, Growshu was all but lost, and humans magical abilities became very limited. Only people called Growsians can potentially wield powerful magic like in ancient times.

Carmaine is a young man living in the capital of the kingdom of Rolandia. Carmaine was orphaned at a young age so Rolandia's palace magician, Lady Sandra, raised him. A prophecy stated that Carmaine had the potential to destroy the world or become the "light which saves the world". Concerned for the child's safety, Sandra did not let him outside the capital or let him have contact with the outside world. Then, on the morning he turned seventeen years old, she told him it was time for him to choose his own fate. Carmained decides to explore the world with a fairy-like familiar named Tippi, who Sandra created.

During Carmaine's adventures, he becomes an officer for the King.

Player Characters
Meet the characters from Growlanser I.
Non-Player Characters
Meet other allies and enemies from Growlanser I.
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