Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time

One-time use Items

Item Type Name Effects
Healing Potions Elixir Restores Full HP of entire party
Seibo's Medicine Restores full HP of one party member
Recovery Medicine Restores 100-115 HP
Healing Drug Restores 30-37 HP
Ambrosia Restores 30-37 MP
Antidote Herb Cures Poison, Venom
Mind Tonic Cures Faint and Paralysis
Henloda Cures Petrify
Panacea Cures any negative effect (except KO)
Nectar Revives KOed party member
Stat Buffs Gale Apple Increases DEX by 1-4
Life Apple Increases STR by 1-4
INT Apple Increases INT by 1-4
Star Fragment Increases active battle points by 4
Blessing Bells Reduces character's level by 10 (quicker level ups)
Equipment Upgrades Lucky Symbol Increases rank of obtained items by 1
Spirit Tear Increases lowest ring slot level by 1
Lete Dew Changes color of a ring slot
Offensive Items Time Rune Removes targeted enemy's time down effect
Time Censer Removes all enemies' time down effects
Alsorb Bell Steals one item from an enemy

For information about gems, see Category:Gems

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