Quests in Growlanser 4 Wayfarer of time are necessary to fullfill since them are tied with the Fate Events, character quests and for adquiring new abilities, ultimate armors and character endings.

Quest # 1

The Tromarche merchant.

Available: After the first and following visits to Saudorix.

Reward: Ruby gem

In the first visit to Saudorix before Mission 6 talk to the merchant and agree to scort him to Tromarche.

After Mission 8 go to Saudorix and scort him to Tromarche again.

After Mission 34 go to Saudorix and scort the merchant again to Tromarche and at the end talk to him to get the Ruby Gem wich is a key item to get Remus Final Limit Ability.

See Optional Mission # 1 for information regarding the scorting of the merchant.

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