Red Gem - Level 6

Gem Name Gem Effect Learned Spell/Ability
Spellcaster Barrier Use the prolonged concentration Concentration
Brandish Chance of using the All-round attack when there are 2 enemy units surrounding character All-round attack
Seal of Critical Strike Use the Critical strike technique Critical strike - Chant Disruption
Stealth 20% chance of stealing an item first attack stack with second and third attacks Night vision
Unbalance Chance of increasing rigidity time period for an enemy Soul break - Movement Delay
Attack increased by Battle Spirit During battles +1 at fixed time period Soul break - Sharp Eye
Multiple Magic Casting +2 30% chance of re-casting the magic at 1.5 times the original MP Continuous magic
Weapon Ability Up +3 Increase weapon damage by 30% Sudden death attack
MOV Up +3 MOV increase 60% Dash
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