Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time features a complex relationship system with dating sim elements.

The player can improve Crevaniel's relationship the other characters based by choosing the appropriate conversation options. The entire party will have a higher opinion of Crevaniel if the best outcome is achieved in battles Mission Clear.

A party member's portrait in the status menu gives a clue as to how close their relationship is with the player character; the happier they look, the better their relationship. The player can also ask one of the familiars what various characters think of you.

The player will have the opportunity to go on Vacations and with party members, where you will have the chance to talk with the characters and increase your relationship by choosing the correct response.

By achieving a high enough relationship score with a particular character, you may unlock that character's ending. You may pursue Romances with most of the female characters and "bro-mances" with the males.

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