• Vacations

Vacations in Growlanser Wayfarer of Time are breaks awarded to Crevanille and party by Princess Alicia after fullfilling certain missions. During vacations the player ( Crevanille ) has the option to do as they please and interact with other party members or npcs.

  • When you get vacations?

After the war broke out Crevanille and party formed an alliance with Princess Alicia and therefore as they fulfill personal missions involving quests to defeat the angels other tasks given to them by her. After those missions are fullfilled Princess Alicia awards them a vacation so they can relax until the next assigment.

  • How to ask for vacations?

After Princess Alicia has awarded a vacation the party must talk to Sydney and she will ask wether you want to go on the vacation at that moment or not, and then will ask where you want to go for the vacation.

  • Which locations are available for vacations?

Given the state of War beetwen the countries, only locations inside Marculey Kingdom are available as vacations spots.

Those locations are:

"My Land": Crevanille's headquarters. This location consist of Eliza's mansion and Crevanille's HQ where the player can choose its name, there are shops, a theather, an art museum, a clinic, the colosseum, a baazar and a restaurant.

Marculia: Marculey Kingdom's main city here is Marculey's main harbor and Princess Alicia's Castle.

  • How many vacation days are awarded?

Vacation days depend only on the number of available party members:

6 characters= Two days.

7 or more characters= Three days.

  • What is the purpose of vacations?

The purpose of the vacation is to spend time with characters to get to know them better and help with any problem they may have, this enables you to unlock character endings, unlock their final limit ability and ultimate armor. The vacations are non-optional because if you don't take them you can't advance the plot but you can take them when you want allowing you to take sidequests that unlock more vacation events.

  • Character interaction in vacations.

In vacations the main objective is to interact with party members, npcs and Familiars. Each of them interact differently. With party members you have two options when you talk to them: 1) Tag Along and 2) Talk. When you talk to a character they talk about their current situation, after that you can choose tag along so you can go on a date with that character like going to the restaurant or the theater, and the talk option only serves as a mean to increase the relationship. With NPCs and Familiars those options arent available. When you go a place by yourself is it the same as dating the Familiar. Some vacation events depend on sidequests and plot advancing. On the final day of the vacation, if the conditions are met, you can date the character whose ending has been unlocked. NPCs don't spend the final vacation day with Crevanille.

  • How vacations work.

After you ask Sydney for a vacation and a place to spend it you must go to your room and sleep and next morning vacation begin. The day is in 3 sections: Morning, Noon and Sunset. Every time you interact with a character a section is completed until night falls. Depending on the events with a character it could take half a day or a whole day. When night falls you return to Eliza's Mansion where Sydney ask you again where you want to spend the next day of your vacation, finally you go to sleep and next day's vacation begins.

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