Yellow Gem - Level 8

Gem Name Gem Effect Learned Spell/Ability
Petrify attack Use the Petrify attack skill Petrify attack
Reduce MP usage Cuts MP usage in half Reduce MP usage - Magic range UP
Intelligence growth Bonus INT increase +3 at level up MP UP
Strength growth Bonus STR increase +3 at level up HP UP
Agility growth Bonus DEX increase +3 at level up MOV UP
Mind Armor +3 Use 6 MP to reduce damage by 40%. MP absorb
Mind Blade +3 Use 6 MP to increase damage dealt to enemy by 50%. HP absorb
Contemplation +3 Recover 3 MP fixed time MP recovery
Luck UP +3 Increase chance of getting a good item Shorten chant time - Spell defense
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